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Seahawke Rigging is South Florida's premiere yacht rigging company. Seahawke Rigging was founded by Tony and Leslie Hawker in 2011. Tony has turned his vast knowledge and 30+ years of sailing experience into a dedicated team, tackling the needs of the super-yacht community. Throughout the years, Seahawke Rigging has seen just how frequent and destructive a direct lightining strike is. It is with that and the need for a solution Seahawke Marine was formed.
Seahawke Marine has collaborated with EMP Solutions to develop a much needed product for the Yachting and Recreational boating community. EMP Solutions partnered with Sertec and began marketing their "CMCE technology" for use in the commercial marine and industrial environments. During that time the product has proven to be a success. Seahawke Marine teamed up with EMP Solutions to develop a design specific for the Super Yacht and Recreational vessel needs. The Hawkeye has been designed to fit and protect vessels of any size.

 In 2019 we are proud to represent the worlds first Electric Field Compensator for the Marine Recreational Industry. A state-of-the-art lightning mitigation and passive strike prevention system.

Seahawke Marine is the exclusive recreational Marine distributor for CMCE suppression units in the United States & Europe.

Also offer protection for any residential and commercial properties or areas.

Because of Florida's vulnerability to thunderstorms and lightning, lightning is one of the most deadly weather hazards in the Sunshine State.


The Seahawke Marine Team


Riviera Beach, FL


CMCE lightning protect - Under license from EMP Solutions, Inc. 

Leslie Hawker
Tony Hawker
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Tj Hawker
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Racquel Edema
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