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  • The multi-compensator design of the CMCE enables it to dissipate the electrical field at a rate that exceeds 640,000 volts/microsecond.
  • Combined with an efficient grounding system of 5 ohms or less, the CMCE Lightning Protection System* can effectively neutralize the potential difference from a building storm where lightning cannot directly strike.
  • The CMCE Lightning Protection System works to balance the electrical field. They constantly drain current from the field, both positive and negative and reduce the Potential Difference of building during a storm.
  • This process eliminates the Upward Streamers and effectively camouflages or hides a protected structure from the Stepped Leaders that are descending from the clouds and attempting to connect to the ground.

CMCE Lightning Protection System* is specifically designed to prevent a lightning strike from terminating where it is not wanted—in a designated area of protection. This is the only system in which lightning strikes are actively discouraged, rather than encouraged, through a process known as Deionization.

To prevent lightning from striking within a specified zone, CMCE Lightning Protection System* collects the induced charge from thunderstorm clouds within this area and transfers it to the ground, thus balancing the electric field strength in the protected zone

The resulting reduced electrical potential difference between the site and the cloud suppresses the formation of an upward streamer. With no leader-steamer connection, the strike is prevented.

With no streamers emanating from the structure of concern, the leader is more likely to connect to streamers originating from either unprotected adjacent structures (both man-made and natural) or from any air terminals installed on these unprotected structures.

Lightning is a  2-Step Process. Both steps must occur for lightning to strike.

The energy in storm clouds build as it passes over the earth. Eventually the energy builds so much that it must discharge. This is known as “potential differences” as the cloud’s potential exceeds the Earth’s potential.

When this happens, the cloud sends down negatively charged “leaders.”

At the same time, an opposite reaction occurs on earth and positively charged items can be on boats, homes, buildings, towers, pets and people. Virtually anything can emit Upward Streamers.




The technological innovation of the CMCE Lightning Protection System*, creates and maintains a balanced electric environment within its protective three-dimensional radius.

As an electrostatic current PASSIVE CAPTURING SYSTEM, the HAWKEYE*:

  1. Absorbs charges that appear in the surrounding electromagnetic field,
  2. Arranges charges internally based on their natural form,
  3. Creates a controlled flow of leakage current in harmless milliamperes – between 50a and 350mA in fair weather and 700a to 1,800mA in storm phase – through the ground wire to the earth take.

When the electric field changes, provoked by variations in the surrounding environment, the CMCE reacts by absorbing and draining excess charges into the ground. This process eliminates upward streamers and prevents the development of lightning within the devices coverage radius.


*CMCE Lightning Protection System - Under license from EMP Solutions, Inc.